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fattyfarm's Journal

A picture is worth a thousand calories
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A not-so-overweight woman describes her daily life.

As of Day 1 of this journal, I was 5'2" (158cm) and 145 lbs (66 kg). Throughout my life, I've always been struggling we being not-so-overweight. There was one very short period of my life, lasting about a year, that I weighed an upwards of 185 and that was after I had lost a handful of lbs. I'm not sure how much I was before. Possibly over 190.

As it turned out, I had developed a hormonal condition that was making it difficult for me to lose weight. I saw m doctor and lost the first 30 lbs pretty effortlessly. However, I was still somewhere around 150 at that point. So, I consulted a personal trainer and lost the next 30. At my lightest, I was down to almost 125 (I was 127 to be exact). Since then, I've re-gained enough to be at about 145 which, for my height, is only 10 lbs overweight.

Yet, I've found that 10 extra lbs might as well be a hundred. The feelings of doubt, discrimination, and desperation are the same.